Because sometimes it’s easier to just let current clients tell your story…

“Very comfortable working with Nina. The readings are always articulate, thorough, and insightful. I’ve never been an introspective person. Working with Nina has spawned long overdue self-reflection, and a newfound positivity. Her passion for her work is astounding.”

Andrew B. New York, NY

“Nina’s readings are interesting and perceptive. Nina provides her readings in a calm, collected, and soothing manner. It’s a nice way to learn a little about yourself and reflect upon life.”

M – New York, NY

“My session with Nina was an astonishing look at  ME!  What could be more useful, or more holistic during times of transition or imbalance, than to be truly seen for one’s self?  Chinese facial diagnosis is an efficient, observant, non-invasive way of getting straight to the point: Here is who you are. It’s a speedy beginning, in my mind, to both a process of self acceptance and potential change for the better.

Nina was able to pinpoint with  accuracy the timing of influential past events in my life, as well as describing my temperament, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. The process helped me identify a couple of personal tendencies which aren’t making life or my aging process any easier, to say the least, and at the same time to recognize and appreciate my own unique skill set.  Nina’s talent includes creating an atmosphere of warmth, non-judgement and positivity.  I left with a short list of easy suggestions for correcting imbalances and regaining lost energy, and a strong sense of renewal.  This gentle science would also be a perfect complement to any process of self-reflection and any health protocol, mainstream or otherwise.”

Kelly Kynion Claverack, NY

“The reading was insightful. It was particularly fascinating that you were able to pinpoint certain times in my history and shed light on past experiences. When you explained the importance of “earning” specific facial lines I felt empowered (what woman would not appreciate hearing that, on some level?!). Also, the information about my birth number was on point. I felt that you knew and explained very well some of the innermost struggles and strengths I have and it was helpful to hear that those are part of my inner make up.”

M.M. Stuyvesant, NY

“I was utterly in awe of the incredible depth of information Nina could provide me based on the Face Reading, together with knowledge of my birthdate.   I never suspected that the face could reveal so much about one’s biography, even about one’s upbringing, and relationship dynamics.

Nina brings her years of experience and familiarity with Five Element Acupuncture to the art of face reading, and she is able to share information that can bring great clarity and self-understanding.   She draws from a truly wide font of knowledge.

I now have a true appreciation for how our face reveals much about our lives, our tendencies, our challenges, our strengths.   It is fascinating!

Nina conveys her insights with great care and compassion, and has a treasure trove of health and lifestyle suggestions to offer to address the issues that are identified, and to bring better balance and wellness.”

Betsy Cashen, Hudson, NY