Chinese Face Reading is an ancient branch of Chinese Medicine. It is the science of patterns and their meanings. Taoist practitioners in ancient China first used CFR to diagnose a person’s physical health. They found it to be so accurate in determining the physical state of the body that they then began to use it to gain insight into a person’s mental and spiritual health. It was very accurate for this as well.

That same ancient wisdom is still applicable for us today and can decipher the code of messages on your or your loved one’s face.

How does Face Reading work?

Chinese Medicine views all living beings as part of Nature. As such, each individual is a representation of the larger whole – a microcosm of the macrocosm, if you will. The Chinese of ancient times believed that any part of your body can act as a hologram, revealing the whole BodyMindSpirit’s state of health. The face is just one way to access information about who you are inside.

The features of the face indicate energetic patterns that are similar to patterns the ancient Chinese observed in Nature. By knowing the characteristic strengths and weaknesses of these patterns, we can have great insight into our own talents and challenges. These are inherent traits that we have been born with and can be likened to our inner blueprint. If we can read this blueprint, we know how to live in accordance with our true nature. We can then interpret the circumstances of our life and how we respond thereto in a manner that allows us far deeper awareness. Finally – a user’s manual that tells us how to live Life with greater clarity and ease!

By understanding the energetic patterns of Nature that are revealed in your face, you can release self-judgement and fall in love with your features and yourself. You can develop far greater compassion for yourself and for others in your life. Knowing and appreciating your inner design can thus allow you to create a life that honors the person you came here to be.

Are you psychic?

Sometimes the readings are so incredibly accurate about aspects of a person’s personality that clients wonder if I’m psychic. I am not. Psychics and mediums are often consulted for advice and guidance in how to navigate Life’s challenges. In that way, we are alike, for that is exactly what brings many people to a Face Reading session. I do not consult other realms for the information that I share with clients. I simply translate the patterns that are written all over your face.

Chinese Face Reading is not fortune telling. Yet CFR does tell us that if we continue to make the same choices that have helped create the lines marking our face today, we can have a good idea of what certain areas of our life will be like in the coming decades. Our face gives us information about our inner landscape and can help to guide us in the choices we make today.

Who comes for a Face Reading?

Anyone who wishes to have greater self-understanding! But if you’d like examples of clients who have used Chinese Face Reading, here are several:

  • women and men who have always wondered what their nose or mouth or other feature signifies
  • women and men wondering why they (or their partner) has particular personal patterns and habits, in order to promote greater compassion for themselves or their partner
  • women and men making an important decision regarding career or a relationship, to strive for a decision in alignment with their inner design
  • newlyweds or couples in a serious relationship, for better understanding of each other’s patterns and needs
  • parents hoping for greater insight into their child’s quirks and personality needs
  • teachers wishing to better understand the nature of their students’ strengths and challenges
  • family members wishing to gift high school or college graduates with a session to help them in choosing a direction that is in alignment with their true strengths
  • people interested in their ancestors – by reading photographs, we can create a picture of what the ancestor’s personality was like, to add a more human element to the dry facts of geneology
  • employers in their selection process of job candidates, to see where their strengths and possible challenges could lie
  • workplace setting to better strategize interactions and assignments based on each employee’s inner nature
  • small gatherings for friends/bridesmaids/work parties/holiday parties to enjoy the mystery and fun of reading the face’s patterns